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About Lucy Jones (ANutr)

From a young age, I had a say in the foods I ate. Of course, when I was young I would choose your typical kid’s food, but overtime I became more curious about the impact of food on my health. As a result, at school I took every opportunity possible to learn about nutrition and health, which eventually led to me achieving a first class degree in BSc (Hons) Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University, and today I work one-to-one with clients on Harley Street.


Whilst my interest in nutrition started from a genuine interest around supporting my health, it did unfortunately take a negative turn at one point. Over the years, my relationship with food and myself has been up and down. I’ve experienced the reality of a poor relationship with my body and food choices, but I’ve also experienced the process of developing a better, healthier relationship too.


Ultimately, my own experience has shaped me into the nutritionist I am today. Emotional wellbeing comes front and centre with each person I work with. Working one-to-one allows me to build a connection and trust with my client, and ensures the support I provide nurtures their relationship with food and themselves, whilst also supporting their goals. I also know the importance of providing bespoke advice - no two individuals are the same. This means the care and support you receive is tailored to suit you. Putting all of this with my passion for evidence-based science ensures I deliver the best possible support and advice - whether it’s a private consultation or a group workshop.

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