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How to Eat Healthily On A Budget

With the cost of living increasing, many of us are searching for clever ways to nourish our body whilst shopping with a smaller budget. You don't need to overhaul your diet. Instead, why not try these 5 simple tips?

Tip #1 - Freeze ingredients before they go out of date

Did you know that there are lots of foods you can freeze? From veg to cheese, your freezer can help reduce food waste and save you money. This guide has some great tips on how to freeze different foods.

Tip #2 - Buy store cupboard staples in bulk

Buying staple ingredients, such as rice and pasta, in bulk often works out cheaper per kilogram. Not only this, but these store cupboard essentials have a long shelf-life when stored correctly and are extremely versatile, with many uses in a variety of dishes.

Tip #3 - Oldest first

Store older foods at the front of your fridge. This forces you to look at them and encourages you to use them first. I often find that if the cherry tomatoes in my fridge are starting to look a little wrinkly, if I move them to the front then I'll suddenly use them after they've spent a week living in the fridge. Cutting down on food waste is a major way to help save money - or at least prevent it from being wasted!

Tip #4 - Stock up on tinned foods

Tinned foods are great when eating on a budget. You can find a wide range of tinned foods, from fish and meat to legumes and vegetables. More often than not, these foods are cheaper than their fresh counterparts. They'll also last a lot longer too. Legumes, in particular, are a cheap and nutritious protein source, which can be swapped in place of more expensive meat.

Tip #5 - Ditch big brands

Plenty of supermarkets offer their own value brand of your favourite foods. Whilst many of us have our preferred brand, whether it's beans or breakfast cereals, it's important to keep an open mind. A value brand might be a fraction of the cost of the premium brand, but they can still provide a nutritional punch. For example, I often buy value brand baked beans (which are around 25p) and find they taste just as good as more expensive versions. The only difference is that the beans aren't perfectly shaped!

Stay Savvy

Keeping on top of the food you have in the house will help reduce the amount of food you throw away, and in turn save you money. Pair this with savvy shopping for cheaper foods, and you'll find eating on a budget that little bit easier.


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