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Nutrition Services

What your journey will look like

Discovery Session

In your free 15 minute discovery session, you’ll discuss why you want to focus on your diet, and I’ll suggest how I can support you. Feel comfortable to ask any questions. There’s no commitment or obligation to book any further appointments.


Getting Ready

To get the most out of your appointment, you’ll be asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire and food diary. Dependent on your reason for working together, you may be asked to complete a symptom diary also. Lucy will use this to prepare for your consultation, alongside research.


Initial Appointment

In your initial 60 minute appointment, we’ll explore your diet and lifestyle in detail to create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, that you feel comfortable and confident with. With no expectations to write anything down, you’ll receive a digital copy of your nutrition and lifestyle plan in the days following your appointment. 


Regular support

Your follow up appointments ensure you feel supported, and allows opportunity to finetune your plan. We’ll also reflect and celebrate your successes.


Depending on how you choose to work together, you may have access to ongoing support in-between appointments.


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Clinical Services

Digestive Health

Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and stomach pain can disrupt day to day life. Understand the root cause of your digestive symptoms so that you can take back control, and manage these troublesome symptoms once and for all. 


Find support for digestive symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and intolerances. An entire lifestyle approach is taken in order to formulate a personalised plan specifically for you and your gut.

Weight Management

Don’t overcomplicate weight loss with restrictive diets and fads. Together, we’ll reflect on your current lifestyle habits and identify where small, simple yet effective changes can be made so that you can reach and sustain your goals for life.


Whether you measure your progress by numbers or simply by how you feel, I’ll support your choices and journey in a personalised and judgement-free manner.

Healthy Eating

With lots of nutrition misinformation out there, it can be confusing knowing who you can trust when it comes to nutrition. Let’s work together to build your confidence in your food choices, whether you’re just starting your healthy eating journey, or are looking to finetune your diet. Discover how adding foods in – not taking away – can be a gamechanger in optimising your diet so that you can feel good from the inside out.

Hormonal Health

Find compassionate support to make diet and lifestyle changes to support your hormonal health. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, or want support navigating your perimenopause and menopause, you’ll receive personalised and evidence-based guidance and advice.

Heart Health

If you’ve been advised to make diet and lifestyle changes due to high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels – or you simply want to look after your heart – you’re in the right place. By reflecting on your current diet and lifestyle, together we’ll create a personalised plan so that you can nurture your heart for the years ahead. 

Plant-based Diets

Build your confidence in meeting your nutritional needs whilst following a vegan, vegetarian or plant-based diet. By working together, we’ll ensure that you’re eating the foods you love whilst obtaining all the nutrients that you need.

Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating

If you feel food controls you, meal times are a mental battle or you can’t trust yourself around food, it’s time for you to find your food freedom. Wave goodbye to feeling guilty after eating, and hello to enjoying the foods you love when you want. Through the journey of intuitive eating, you’ll get back in touch with your body by learning to listen to it – and I’ll be there to support you at each step. 


By working together, we can also address emotional eating. Food will always remain a tool to help manage emotions, but together we can add more tools to your toolbox. 

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How to work together

Services available

Book your free discovery appointment

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Patient Reviews

“It’s been such a joy to have Lucy supporting me with getting my nutrition right. She is always super positive and is very knowledgeable. It’s clear that she loves her work, and I’ve really appreciated her approach, our discussions, follow-ups and having a personalised plan. I have multiple issues to contend with and felt more able to make changes with her encouragement. I found Lucy’s coaching package very flexible, and it was very helpful to me to be able to adapt it around my changing needs. I would recommend Lucy to anyone needing to make the right changes to their nutrition.”


Why work with Lucy?

  • Evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle guidance

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to meet your specific long-term needs and goals

  • Take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, which looks at your entire lifestyle

  • Ongoing support, motivation and accountability to keep you driven

  • Regular contact inbetween appointments

  • Collaborative approach, meaning your needs, wants and thoughts are a priority

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