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About Lucy Jones (ANutr)

I’m an award winning, Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) working with women to empower healthier food choices without restriction, both virtually and face-to-face, including in a Harley Street clinic.


Where did my interest in nutrition come from?

From a young age I’ve loved cooking and became intrigued about the impact of food on my health. This passion only grew as I went through my teens, and eventually led to me achieving a First Class BSc (Hons) Nutrition degree from Oxford Brookes University.


Whilst my interest in nutrition started from a genuine interest around supporting my health, it did, unfortunately, take a negative turn at one point. I’ve experienced the reality of a poor relationship with food and the overwhelm of feeling confused by nutrition misinformation. However, I’ve also first-hand experienced the power that healing my own relationship with food, and overcoming nutrition misinformation, can have on both emotional and physical wellbeing. 


Supporting healthier lifestyles 

I’ve supported lots of women to feel good from the inside out, allowing them to take back control of their health and thrive as they reach their goals. My passion for evidence-based science paired with my down to earth nature, allows me to offer personalised, realistic and practical advice and support that you’ll genuinely follow for life. Not only this, but your emotional wellbeing comes front and centre, meaning you’ll never be made to do something you don’t want to.


I’ve also been fortunate to work within many businesses, including Harley Street at Home Menopause, MindSync, The Well Retreat and Infusion Wellbeing. 


In addition to my clinical and corporate work, I regularly contribute to newspapers, magazines and blogs, including The Independent, The Daily Mirror, inews, The Happiful Magazine, Your Healthy Living Magazine. I also have a monthly column in The Sussex Newspaper. 

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